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July’19 News: Illinois Forestry Development Council Elects New Director and Chairman

On July 10, 2019, the voting members of the Illinois Forestry Development Council elected Dr. Eric Holzmueller as their new director and Mr. Jay C. Hayek as their new chairman.

Dr. Holzmueller, a professor of forestry at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, replaces outgoing director Mr. Bill Gradle. Mr. Hayek, an Extension forestry specialist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, replaces outgoing chair Dr. James Zaczek.

The members of the Council and the greater forestry community would like to personally thank Dr. Zaczek and Mr. Gradle for their dedicated years of service on the Illinois Forestry Development Council.

Jan. 2017 – Illinois Forestry Development Council Receives $2.3 Million RCPP Grant

Press Release (pdf)

The Illinois Forestry Partnership will address the decline of trees species diversity, specifically the lack of oak regeneration, in Illinois forests. The oak-hickory forest type has been reduced by 16% since 1962 and this reduction will continue if oaks remain underrepresented in the younger age classes. This decline is the result of fire suppression; impacts of exotic/invasive herbs, shrubs, vines and trees; and a lack of applied management strategies to address soil health, water quality, and soil erosion resource concerns on nonindustrial private forest land to restore the appropriate forest cover in the oak-hickory ecosystem. The project will focus on four target areas, covering 37 counties in the State and representing 1.1 million acres of oak-hickory forest type, about half of the remaining ecosystem.