Member Representing
Mr. Terry Davis Landowner Engaged in Farming
Vacant Landowner Engaged in Farming
Mr. Roy Bailey Private Timber Grower
Dr. Karla Gage Private Timber Grower
Mr. Stan Curtis Wood Products / Primary Forest Industry
Mr. Craig Willenborg Wood Products / Secondary Forest Industry
Mr. Kurt Bobsin ** Illinois Tree Farm Committee
Mr. Joe FitzSimmons
Mr. Dave Gillespie **
Illinois Forestry Association
Mr. Cole Craft Illinois Walnut Council
Mr. Benjamin Snyder Illinois Chapter of the Society of American Foresters
Dr. Christopher Jacques Illinois Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Mr. Michael Brunk Urban Forestry Representative
Mr. Robert Sproule Illinois Arborist Association
Mr. Steve Stierwalt
Mr. Ray Herman **
Association of Illinois Soil & Water Conservation Districts
Ms. Lydia Scott Environmental Issues
Dr. Jeffrey D. Brawn
Mr. Jay C. Hayek **
University of Illinois | Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Dr. James J. Zaczek Southern Illinois University Carbondale | Dept. of Forestry
Mr. Raymond Poe
Mr. Elliot Lagacy **
Illinois Department of Agriculture
Mr. Wayne Rosenthal
Mr. Tom Wilson, CF **
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Ms. Kim Watson ** Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Mr. Chris B. Meister
Ms. Lorrie Karcher **
Mr. Patrick Evans **
Illinois Finance Authority
Mr. Christopher Merrett Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs
Vacant ** IL Speaker of the House
Vacant ** IL House Minority Leader
Vacant ** IL Senate President
Mr. Jason Barickman (R) ** IL Senate Minority Leader
Mr. Ivan Dozier *
Mr. Wade Conn **
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Illinois
Mr. Brendan Cain * USDA Forest Service, Shawnee National Forest

* Ex-officio Members

** Designee or Alternate